Registration 2017-2018 Season

Hello, welcome to the 2017-2018 season.  In order to register, please follow the steps below.  If you’d like more information, please visit our information page or contact John Parthenakis by email:

Please follow the 3 steps below.  Registration is not complete until all 3 steps are done.

Step 1

Complete our online registration form:  KODIAK ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM

Step 2

Register separately for our beginner / intermediate wrestling league, NVWF.  The Northern Virginia Wrestling Federation is a wrestling league in Northern Virginia that holds meets every Sunday from December to the end of February with a winter break that follows the school’s winter break.  This fee is covered in your registration fee.  Please contact John Parthenakis by email if you’re not signing up for our league and we’ll deduct that cost from your registration fee.


Step 3

Online Payment:  Elementary Youth pay $180 for 1 child, $330 for two children.  This price includes a spirit pack, USA wrestling folkstyle insurance, membership to NVWF, and practices from November through the end of February with Thanksgiving and winter breaks per school.  Singlets are given out and collected at the end of the season.

** If you’re already wrestling for a county middle school, we’ve discounted the price to $130.  This includes membership to NVWF, USA wrestling insurance, and practices through the end of February. **

Since you are registering after November 20, NVWF has assessed a $30 late charge.  Additionally, your child will not be able to compete in their meets until January.  The $30 late charge is included in $180, $330, $130 and other charges.

If your family is having trouble affording the prices, please contact John Parthenakis.  If you would rather pay with check, please bring a check made out to “Kodiak Wrestling” to your first practice.  Membership fees or payment contracts must be completed by the first day your child practices.

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