Thank you for your interest in registering for our club.  The registration process begins mid September online each year.  Practices start the second week of November.  We’ve listed some FAQ answers below.  You may also contact John Parthenakis at

  1. When do your registration and season start?  
    Online registration starts mid September each year.  Our folkstyle season starts in November 6 and concludes the last week of February.  We do have holiday breaks for Thanksgiving (a few days) and Christmas (2 weeks).
  2. How much does the club cost?
    Club membership is $150 per wrestler with family discounts for more than one sibling.  Entry fee covers shorts, t-shirt, insurance, and membership to the Northern Virginia Wrestling Federation.
  3. When are practices?
    Advanced M, W, and F  6pm – 8pm       Beginner T, Th  6pm – 7:30pm
  4. When are meets?
    Kodiak participates in the Northern VA Wrestling Federation.  They have meets every Sunday starting in December and going through the end of February.  The meets and Kodiak have Thanksgiving and Winter breaks.  Meets are up North in Fairfax mostly.

    • The meet age groups are staggered throughout the day.  Each wrestler will get 3 1-1-1 matches in their group.  Groups are organized by ability, age, and weight.
  5. Do you have parent volunteers?
    Yes. We need parents to man tables and for registration during the weekend meets.
  6. Do you have parent coaches?
    Yes. Parent coaches are encouraged and appreciated.  We ask that all parent coaches do 3 things:  1) get a background check and USA Wrestling insurance card paid for by Kodiak.  2) Attend at least 1 practice a week.  3) Help coach at the weekend meets.
  7. Do you have fundraisers?
    Yes. We have 1 fundraiser a season for new equipment, uniforms, tournament entry forms, and camp scholarships.
  8. What does my child need for practice?
    Your child will need wrestling shoes, shorts, shirt, and t-shirt with a water bottle for practices.  Additionally, head gear is required for the league.   Wrestling shoes and head gear can be purchased at places like Dicks, Play it Again Sports, or online.  I would not pay more than $50 for a pair.


We hope some of your questions are answered, and look forward to seeing you in the FALL.

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