Wall of Fame

Wrestlers earn their place on this wall through commitment, sacrifice, and lots of hard work.  We’d like to see you up here.

Finals Place at Pre-CAWL Tournament (1st - 6th)VAWA State Tournament (Placers)MAWA Tournament (1st-4th)Freestyle / Greco Roman State Tournament
Russ Pierce 1st 2013Xzavier Darensbourg 2nd 2012Xzavier Darensbourg 1st 2011, 2012, 2013, RegionalClay Rankin - 3rd Greco , 4th Freestyle 2015, 2nd Greco, 2nd Freestyle 2016
Alex Miller 3rd 2012Cliff Conway 2nd 2013 RegionalNoah Rankin 5th Greco, 4th Freestyle 2016
Mike Kreider 3rd 2014Mike Kreider 5th 2012Russ Pierce 1st 2013, Regional 8th Eastern Nationals 2013Cason Rankin 2nd Greco, 4th Freestyle 2016
Ted Rangel 4th 2013Paul Pierce 3rd 2014
Jeret Cornell 5th 2014Russ Pierce 2nd 2013Noah Rankin 4th 2015, 1st 2016
Paul Pierce 5th 2013Zach Ortega 2nd 2015, 2nd 2016
Jaxon Upperman 3rd 2014Joe Kreider 7th 2012Clay Rankin 4th 2015, 2nd 2016
Jaxon Upperman 2nd 2013Mason Christopher 1st 2016 (1st Regional, and 7th National), 1st 2017 (5th at Regional)
Matthew Parthenakis 4th 2014Cliff Conway 5th 2012, 2nd 2013Matthew Parthenakis 3rd 2016
Clay Rankin 6th 2015Cason Rankin 3rd 2016
Zach Ortega 5th 2013, 3rd 2014, 3rd 1015Mason Christopher 2nd 2015, 1st 2016, 2nd 2017Nate Taylor 2nd 2016
Zach Ortega 3rd 2016Noah Taylor 4th 2016
Clay Rankin 2nd 2015Jacob Pressinger 3rd 2016, 5th 2017Mason Hancock 1st 2016
Noah Rankin 4th 2016Colten Dunmire 1st 2017 (4th at Regional)
Dominic Turner 5th 2016
Lawson Mayer 6th 2016
Colten Dunmire 6th 2017
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